Use Cases

High Performance Memory

MeRAM is a high-performance, low-cost nonvolatile memory. One of the main applications is therefore the use of MeRAM to increase the density of the on-chip memories and reduce static power.

Using MeRAM to replace on-chip cache memory would significantly increase the cache sizes and thus reduce the access latency for large datasets. This is desired for high performance computing, particularly in AI or server applications.

The nonvolatility of MeRAM allows for elimination of memory standby energy. This would greatly boost the lifetime of IOT and mobile devices, allowing for fast deep-sleep, wake switching.

True Random Number Generator

Outside of memory, one of the unique abilities of the MeRAM is the ability to harness magnetic stochastics. True stochasticity plays a fundamental role in security and and optimization problems.

The oscillatory of the MeRAM can be used to create true stochastic sequences from thermal noise. This generates extremely high-quality random numbers that currently is built only with dedicated hardware to build.

Our RNG has passed NIST random number generator test. Our RNG has 100 Mbps for single MTJ device.

Full In-Memory Encryption

Full-memory encryption is a growing trend in cloud and edge devices. MeRAM can encrypt entire memory blocks with a key in a single cycle.

MeRAM encryption is In-memory computing.